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Homage to Yves Klein – 10 Paintings

This body of work is a reference to Yves Klein’s 10 Paintings, a publication made in 1954. Klein presented a series of commercially inked monochromatic ‘plates’ that suggested a catalogue of representations or details of his earlier paintings. However, the catalogue predates any of Klein’s monochromatic works and therefore can be regarded instead as a deliberate conceptual statement. (Ref Colour After Klein, Nuit Banai, 2005) Further information about Klein’s 10 Paintings can also be found at http://www.yvesklein.com/en/oeuvres/view/679/yves-peintures-yves-paintings/

Homage to Yves Klein – 10 Paintings, also references the British Colour Council Dictionary of Colour Standards. The use of textile threads and paper add a further layer of relevance.

Squirrel.BCC 187

Sage Green

Buttercup BCC 53

Singnal Red BCC 208

Peony Red BCC 37

Brick Red

Royal Blue

Opaline Green BCC 201

Mayflower Lilac BCC 228