Heather Boxall Paintings

Colour Standards – 2018

Colour Standards is a series of works that references The British Colour Council Dictionary of Colour Standards, a publication that was first produced in 1934. The dictionary is a compilation of silk swatches adopted as the standard within the textile and other colour using industries. A second edition was made in 1951.

Using this later version, ‘Colour Standards’ is a body of paintings that respond to the rich and vibrant colours that form part of this dictionary. Equally fascinating is the nomenclature that also accompanies the swatches. In collaboration with Heather, the poet Judith Willson wrote a selection of poems to accompany the paintings. This led to a publication of 14 postcards. For further information see Collaborations section.

The colour swatches sample book has 240 swatches made of silk thread. To date, 14 paintings have been produced in response to the colours. The paintings are made on board on a gesso prepared surface. Using oil prepared pigments, the works are layered with thin glazes of colour, creating a luminosity of surface.

Amaranth Pink

Empire Blue


Alice Blue



Green Beetle

Post Office Red