Heather Boxall Paintings

Stripe Paintings – 2012

A road trip made in mid October 2011 to the Isle of Islay. Thousands of Barnacle Geese and other migrating birds flock to the island at this time of year. These stripe paintings are a reference to the bird plumage of many birds sighted on the island.

From late September thousands of Barnacle Geese arriving from Greenland congregate on the tidal mudflats at the head of Loch Gruinart and Loch Indaal which are also their main roosting sites. Barnacle Geese are distinguished from other black geese such as the Canada Goose and smaller Brent by its creamy white face contrasting boldly with the black hind crown, neck and breast. They are highly gregarious, often noisy and quarrelsome, throughout the year with thousands in winter flocks as seen on Islay.


Whooper Swans 


Barnacle Geese 

Isle of Islay Bird Tally 


‘Least Legible’ Exhibition